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It is most important, to have a Log-in id at IRCTC’s website (IRCTC is a Government of India company entrusted with selling Railway tickets online on the internet). This facilitates in checking PNR status and getting reservation of ticket from your home using Internet.  Without this facility your valuable time standing in the queue would be wasted. Waiting for rail ticket or getting details of PNR status would be done at the long queue in the booking center. We give explanation below, your irctc sign-up account in five steps with an example.

1. Open IRCTC home page and click on Sign up.

2. Type your username in given textbox and make sure it is already available there or not available because IRCTC has so many users, because of that there are large numbers of ordinary usernames could have in the past been in use .As a consequence you may have to make a decision to create alphanumeric username.

You must place your preferred secret code (password) in prearranged textbox. To bear out this is what you considered, type once more the password. Select a security question and type the answer back in support of it. It will be used to make sure your identity, in case you fail to remember your password. Give pleasure to put aside these meticulous details for future use.
Provide supplementary information like address, (address is extremely essential, If you are taking physical  deliverance of the ticket in place of printing it out, so give particular address with care).

3. Select an option for Copy Residence to office Address  form given “Yes” or “No” Options. If you Select “No”’, you will get one more form for inserting details of Office Address. After filling all the fields, go to end of that webpage you insert the given text in the textbox.
After adding all information in the given form, then click on the “SUBMIT” button.

4. Terms and Conditions files will be displayed for user to read.Agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking on “Accept”.

5. Your Signup is complete. You will be able to see the Welcome Page
Whenever you wish to buy ticket online you need to log in at the IRCTC website.
For online purchase of rail tickets one needs to have net banking account or a credit card. Payments can be made using ITZ cash card or Credit card. One requires Internet access for this purpose.

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